Here’s a list of common questions we get asked

We are available Monday through Friday 6am to 6pm.

Yes! We gladly accept Title XX and will even help with applying and submitting for changes to your case.

Yes! The center is proud to announce we now serve a breakfast, lunch, and snack through the CACFP Food Program as of December 1, 2018!

We proudly bus to all 4 Big Walnut Elementary schools as well as Big Walnut Intermediate.

We use gentle techniques to deal with disciplining including redirection, calm down areas, talking through and about behaviors, and problem solving how to resolve issues.

We follow state mandated ratio laws. Infants under 1 year have 1 teacher to no more than 5 babies. 12 to 18 months have one teacher to no more than 6 infants. Toddlers have 1 teacher for no more than 7 children. Preschool rooms have 1 teacher for no more than 12 children. Junior K rooms have 1 teacher for no more than 14 children. The school age program has 1 teacher for no more than 18 children.

For school age children, Yes! Our school age summer program includes 2 field trips a week, 2 water days a week, one full supplemental curriculum day that includes hands on lessons and activities, as well as daily activities to keep their minds occupied and engaged.

We have a one-time enrollment fee that is paid to secure your spot with us. This is due before starting and then your first week’s tuition is due on your starting day.

All BBLA staff is background checked and subject to drug testing. They are also all trained through the state of Ohio in various topics that pertain to the age group they teach. All staff has First Aid, CPR, Communicable Disease, and Child Abuse trainings. Some of our teachers do have their degrees in Early Childhood Education or similar backgrounds.

We use the state of Ohio communicable disease outline for the basis of our policies. We look at all symptoms displayed as well as the child’s overall feeling to judge when to send a child home. Any child displaying symptoms of illness are assessed and removed from the room when necessary while parents are contacted. Postings are made outside of classrooms whenever children from that room have been exposed to anything contagious.